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S E N D   


C H E E R S .

Pick the perfect card for

your next theatre occasion.

We're dedicated to supporting our community.

That's why we designed new cards to uplift your theatre friends from afar, reminding them that they are still precious. While you aren't able to see them in person, you can send a personalized note of encouragement from your hands to theirs.

Cheers Card 8 1.JPG

Why settle for a generic "congratulations" card?


Cheers is here to save you from scavenging the greeting card section for anything remotely applicable to opening night. We've designed the card you're looking for, whether it's to wish a good show or to thank a theatre artist.

Cheers Card 2.JPG

C H E E R   U P   Y O U R   F E E D


C H E E R S . C A R D S

K E E P   U P

W I T H   U S !

Hey, thanks!

Your perfect card awaits.

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