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F R O M   T H E   F O U N D E R

Hi there! My name is Mia, and there is almost nothing I value more than a handwritten letter. Why?


Because I believe in leaving nothing unsaid. I believe in expressing gratitude and encouragement in a form that only your hands can make. I believe in the power of pressing ink to paper, sealing it with love, and passing into the hands of someone you adore.

I'm here with Cheers to help you spread the love to your fellow theatre artists. Because we all know we need it.

Mia King

Mia King About Me.jpg

my guiding ideals:

gratitude + appreciation + encouragement

We are theatre-makers because we have something to say to the world. But we also have something to say to those right there with us behind the curtain.


"Thank you. Congratulations. Best of luck to you."


You have a lot to say. Say it all with Cheers.

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